Shraddha and Saburi

Shraddha as Devotion and Saburi as Patience in English
In fact it is too hard to find out the real word in english as similar to Shraddha in Hindi.

Shri Sai Baba demands only two things in HIS devotees i.e. Devotion & Patience.

Devotion means sacred love for someone, His thoughts, His Personality, His way of doing things etc..
There is a big difference between devotion and faith. Let us take an example.
You go to a doctor for scissor. You have faith in him. You trust that he will take your problem seriously and will not harm you knowingly.But you don't have devotion for him. You pay him his fee and move ahead.
           But if you have both devotion and faith in someone, then you have Shraddha in Him.
So Sai Baba requires only Full Devotion and Faith of his devotees.
Second thing is Saburi  i.e. Patience.
One should keep patience that He will come and give you the power to keep yourself stable in ups and downs of life. So that you can accomplete the results of your past births as soon as possible and atlast move towards Him.
So one should keep Shradha and Saburi in Him.

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